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JULY(Update/Checked/ July 2015 Berlin)

Art Advisers Lowell and Courtney Pettit on Why We Should Redefine "Emerging" Art

The following audios are taken from Art World Demystified (see main link below) and related Youtube channels researched for this workshop. This has been assembled to provide various points of view rather than any singular roadmap for artistic or professional success. Appropriate caution should always be exercised appropriately when securing professional consultants.

An interesting figure in the age of coaching is  Brainard Carey (an artist himself. Conceptualist) Who spearheaded an interesting podcast/radio program "The Artworld Demystified" and is often surprising because of his frankness, inquiries and surprising suggestions. Here on his youtube channel he recommends Social media (i.e facebook et al) and online distribution conduits (i.e Ebay and Print on demand etc.) as an avenue for sales and presence CLICK TO WATCH and he continues specifically about facebook A number of the following links are initiated by his audio project. He is the author of two books based on the insights from his audio interviews.

Alyson B. Stanfield is an author and a helper to artists pursuing a career in the arts. Her book, I’d rather be in the studio! is pictured below and available from amazon. She has a website, and much can be learned from her blog which is required reading for the artist who is gathering tools… She has a website, CLICK TO LISTEN HERE 
(below is a video from Ms.Stanfiled's youtube channel)

Jackie Battenfield has been a practicing artist since she attended Penn State, and evolved into an author, full time artist, educator and resource for artists. Her book, The Artist’s Guide, is below and can be purchased on amazon, and her website showcases her own art,m though she has a website for her book as well.…CLICK TO LISTEN HERE 

Caroll Michels is a career coach, artist-advocate, and author of How to Survive & Prosper as an Artist. Selling Yourself without Selling your Soul. She was also the first person to write a comprehensive book meant to advance the careers of visual artists. She is a pioneer in the field of professional development for artists CLICK TO LISTEN HERE 

Katharine T. Carter is the founder of Katharine T. Carter & Associates, the only publicity firm dedicated to serving artists. She is also the author of the book pictured below, Accelerating On The Curves, The Artist’s Roadmap to Success. In this interview she talks about her book and her views on the business of helping… CLICK TO LISTEN HERE 


 Sarah Thornton is a British-Canadian sociologist and writer whose book, Seven Days in the Art World details the inner workings of the art world in humorous detail. With wit and style she explores a world that seems mysterious and closed to many. In this interview she talks about her work, the next book "33 Artists in 3 Acts", and thoughts on emerging artists CLICK TO LISTEN HERE 
UPDATE: )If you are curious, She speaks about her current book "33 Artists in 3 Acts" here at THE CONVERSATION)

  Laura Hoptman interview while curator at the New Museum.("Post-studio" practices...) CLICK TO LISTEN HERE 

This is the interview with Nato Thompson from Creative Time in NYC. Nato Thompson Interview with Brainard Carey 2011 CLICK TO LISTEN HERE 

The interview with mavrick curator Shamim Momin, who curated at The Whitney Museum in New York and now with her own institution called LAND. CLICK TO LISTEN HERE 

Dean Daderko Recently appointed at Yale read more here. The interview is below which contains the story of how he became a curator in his apartment in brooklyn and even had a few of the artists he showed included in the Whitney Biennial. CLICK TO LISTEN HERE 

Dan Cameron is founder and artistic director of U.S. Biennial, Inc, a not-for-profit (501c3) organization that produces Prospect New Orleans, a new international biennial whose first edition opened in November 2008 at multiple sites around the city, and closed in January 2009. Prospect.1 was the largest contemporary art biennial in U.S. history---CLICK TO LISTEN HERE 

This is the recording of the interview with Marilyn Minter on WYBC The name she was trying to remember was Emery Blagdon, who was in a show at the New Museum called Ghosts in the Machine. Some of the links she mentions in the interview are the facbook page of Family Business as well as…--CLICK TO LISTEN HERE  

Night-Gallery Interview/ Los Angeles (Long audio that reveals a mixture of seriousness and casualness)Interview by Michael Shaw :Find related images here

Collector Dean Valentine in Los Angeles. Interview by Michael Shaw (related images may be found at

Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery Interview by Michael Shaw (related images for this audio here

Links to His website may be found by going to his Youtube channel or the audio mainpages (links above)

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