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(Updated: 31May2014,Berlin)
(May2014 Photo Tweeted by first Lady M.Obama) How was this METHOD of "self expression" popularized?

Gillian Wearing, 
Signs That Say What You Want Them to Say...
(Frome Tate modern website):
"English photographer and video artist. Wearing has described her working method as ‘editing life'. By using photography and video to record the confessions of ordinary people, her work explores the disparities between public and private life, between individual and collective experience. Wearing has cited the influence of English fly-on-the-wall documentaries, such as Michael Apted's 7-up and the 1970s documentary The Family. Signs that Say What You Want Them to Say and Not Signs that Say What Someone Else Wants You to Say (1992–3), made shortly after her graduation from Goldsmiths College in 1990, was produced by approaching people on London streets, asking them to write something on a card and then photographing them as they displayed it. Private lives were given a sudden and revealingly painful exposure: a policeman holds a card reading ‘Help!'. With the introduction of video and more in-depth interviewing of her subjects, Wearing began to use adult actors lip-synching the recorded confessions of children, and subjects, solicited from advertisements placed in newspapers, making confessions while wearing masks. The introduction of actors signalled an increasingly dramatic element in her work and a shift away from the use of documentary techniques. The 1999 video I Love You used actors to explore the theme of strong private emotion spilling out into a semi-public domain. The scene of a drunken woman repeatedly screaming ‘I love you' is played out a number of times, the reaction of her three friends differing each time. Wearing won the Turner Prize in 1997."

I am Bradley Manning /2013

I need femenism because...

In this series- it shifts to what you were told while being raped:

In the cases below the now established method offers familiarity and works for the service of institutions or pushing against some of the examples given above

When art migrates from artist to artist...
Andy Warhol (left) Campbell's soup and Skull paintings
Damien Hirst (right) For the Love of God and prescription prints

VALIE EXPORT (left) Performance (Genitalpanik) 1969
Marina AbramoviƧ (right) Performance (Genital panic) "7 easy pieces" 2005...2007...
(see short excerpt from approximately by searching ±19:00min – ±25:00min at

Artist Gabriel Orozco's four bicycles and Artists Ai Weiwei's 42 Bicycles


"For W Magazine's latest art meets fashion issue, the magazine has enlisted actress Jessica Chastain and photographer Max Vadukul to team up with four extraordinary artists and create the latest cover story. We have Jessica pictured through vision of artists Rineke Dijkstra, George Condo, Mickalene Thomas, and Chantal Joffe."

Copycat Architecture Rises in China's Building Boom

Published on Mar 13, 2013 China's rapid urbanization has fueled an enormous building boom. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, China has built housing equivalent to roughly two Spains from 2000 to 2010. Stepping into cities like Hangzhou, one might mistake it for Venice, Italy or London. While copying architectural styles is as old as architecture itself, China has done it on an unprecedented scale and speed.

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